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The Hess Toy Truck Encyclopedia Books

All about Hess trucks / Hess Truck Knowledge

All about Hess trucks / Hess Truck Knowledge

All about Hess trucks / Hess Truck KnowledgeAll about Hess trucks / Hess Truck Knowledge
2019 hess truck

The UNOFFICIAL (and proud of it) Hess Truck Encyclopedia books written by Michael D Roberto

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2019 Hess Trucks

THE 2019 HESS TRUCK ENCYCLOPEDIA* --- *no affiliation with the Hess Corporation

This Encyclopedia provides a valuable visual learning experience that helps people understand their Hess Truck collection, to make sound buying and selling decisions, and to act on them with confidence. All with a bonus of memories and nostalgia thrown in too. 

Inside is every single full-sized and mini Hess truck that Hess released. Then Specialty trucks, then again onto the very rare Collectors, Corporate, Executive, and special Sweepstakes Edition trucks. 

Plus never-before-seen Hess Prototypes, Promotional posters and flags, retail bags, buttons. So much more...



(ReleaseWire) - 11/27/2019 -- Call it a homage. Call it a love letter to a father. Call it the most comprehensive resource ever compiled about Hess Toy Trucks...

2019 Hess Truck Book

(PRUnderground) November 29th, 2019 -- Already nationally-recognized on CBS News, Bloomberg, NY Post, and other media sources for his knowledgeable devotion for the toys, Michael D. Roberto brings the 2019 Hess Truck Encyclopedia Collectors Guide to Amazon... 

2019 Hess Truck Book

Recent Appearances

I'd like to thank Central Florida Toy Expo for giving me the opportunity to meet and interact with some of the Florida Hess Truck fans down here and share my fan story of the day:

A guy came up to me and said that his father Hank, 83 absolutely refuses to use the internet, with the sole exception of once a year and that is only to order his kids and grandkids their annual Hess Toy Trucks. Now that's a commitment to tradition! I salute you good sir!

Megatron like Hess Trucks

Megatron gives Hess Trucks a YESSSSSS!

So Much Geek-Awesomeness in this gift. THANK YOU!!! A fan had David Kaye (voice of Beast Wars Megatron) do a little personalized script, in character, via the Cameo service. All I can say back is YESSSSSSSSSS!

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2020 Hess Truck

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Since the age of 5, Michael’s life has revolved around a certain toy truck. Jim Axelrod reports.

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